To comply with GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation:

  • Personal data may be collected in the form of email address, mobile and landline numbers, home address and photographs.
  • Email address, mobile and landline number and home address are collected via telephone contact or via email, in the form of a contact form on the website and a booking form, sent in the form of an attached document by YourWeddingHair.
  • This information is collected for the sole use of YourWeddingHair to carry out their business. Email address and phone number will be used to communicate with clients regarding a booking. Personal address may be used for trial or on the wedding day for directions to a venue.
  • Photographs taken by YourWeddingHair or a professional photographer, may be used on YourWeddingHair’s social media platforms and website, but not without the clients permission.
  • Personal information will not be passed on to a third party without the clients consent.
  • Personal information is stored on computer and mobile devices and is solely used by YourWeddingHair. These devices are either all password or pin coded. Paper documents are kept secure.
  • Personal data will be deleted with immediate effect by request. Please contact